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Diagnostic Centre is a well-established and reputed Best Diagnostic Centre in Hyderabad.

Apart from the internationally approved and latest machines

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MRI Scan

Is your doctor advised you for a MRI scan in Hyderabad?choose  Mri scanning Centre which is reputed and  mri scan near me . 

CT Scan

Don’t wait to get the medical attention you need – Book your scan now and take control of your health.

Laboratory Tests

Book lab tests online for all diagnostic procedures from the most trusted pathology lab from the comfort of your home and get the test reports online.

We Provide High Quality In all Tests

we take care of each patient and their accomplice visiting our diagnostic centres. Mri scan cost in hyderabad it depends upon body part And choosing technology 3Tesla/1.5 Tesla.

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Why Choose Mriscan Ctscan Hyd

To make the MRI test easy and 100% accurate, we have special arrangements.


Mriscan Ctscan Hyd is a leading blood test laboratory in India, offering diagnostic services for 20 years. Book diagnostic tests online & Download

Professional Doctors

A leading blood test laboratory in India, Mriscan Ctscan Hyd offers diagnostic services & wide range of diagnostic tests. Book test online for home collection.

Friendly Service

Free Home Sample Collection At Mriscan Ctscan Hyd With In Class Equipments & Friendly Staff. Expert Diagnosis at Your Fingertips – Book Appointment

Know More About Our Mriscan Ctscan Hyd

Our lab provides MRI scan coverage for a whole range of body parts, including MRI head, MRI brain, MRI abdomen, MRI shoulder, MRI knee, MRI cervical spine, MRI LS spine, MRI whole spine , MRI pelvis , MRI chest , MRI neck, MRI leg, MRI hand, MRI hip and MRI elbow.

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Our Diagnostic Centres are well-established and reputed Diagnostic Centres in Hyderabad.

MRI scan cost in Hyderabad have  different diagnostics with different prices .

The cost of MRI brain scans depends upon a number of things such as the equipment used, the expertise of the technician,

proficiency of the radiologist, the location of diagnostic center, etc. But, we ensure Low Cost MRI scans without compromising with the quality of machines and other infrastructure.

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John Doe

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John Doe

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What Patient Says

We went for PET CT Scan for the whole body. The ambience and people here are too good. They serve coffee and tea for all the people who came along with patients. This is the best and advanced Daignostic center in hyderabad.

Sushmitha S

The state of the art diagnostic centre with very experienced people. The facility has plenty of parking space and amenities. Felt very much comfortable with the employees. The way they receive the patients was really amazing. The happiest thing is that I got all the reports on time. Thank you team for the prompt service.

Sathwika Shetty

Good service 👍 The Petct is great! And is done quiet quickly and hassle free, with a good ambience and waiting area. Reports are also given soon. The Reception people and staff are friendly including the Head of the Nuclear Dept.

Gurram Divya

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